Russian Blue Siamese

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Russian Blue Siamese. A lot like with pointed cats all being labeled siamese in rescues, shelters and by private sellers/backyard breeders there is a good chunk of people who label all blue cats as russian blue. The russian blue cat (russian:

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Resembles blue point siamese only much darker and with a cool gray background color instead of a warm one. On the far left a seal point, middle a russian blue point, far right a blue point. A comparison of 3 point variations of siamese.

Resembles Blue Point Siamese Only Much Darker And With A Cool Gray Background Color Instead Of A Warm One.

With their adorable sweet personalities, their intelligence, and great disposition, they are congenial, and will fit right in with the family. The russian blue cat is moderately active. The blue russian is a rare cat and not much is known about its origins, but it is believed that the cat comes from northern russia.

The Siamese Russian Blue Cat Seems Bigger Then Other Cat Breeds Due To Its Deep, Soft Double Coat.

The siamese russian blue mix is a rare cat breed. Russian blue siamese keeping pets at home is absolutely a hobby for whoever. To us siamese and russian blue kittens are the best breed of cats in the world our kittens are from champion backgrounds.

The Russian Blue Cat (Russian:

It is produced by crossbreeding a russian blue and a siamese cat breed. All gray white dot center of chest, ama. The blue point siamese is a friendly, loving, and affectionate cat.

Likewise Being Able To Make The Atmosphere Of The Apartment More Cheerful, Preserving Pets At Home Can Also Make The Condo Safer And More Comfortable.

Russian blue combined with beige. It is a good option for pet parents with allergies because it has not dropped much and provides a recognized allergen in less than most cat breeds than fel d 1 glycoprotein. Russian blue cats are an older, naturally occurring breed, unlike toyger cats, which were created artificially.

But, They Enjoy Playing With Their Family And Will Happily Play Games.

She may be a good choice for pet parents with allergies because she doesn't shed much and produces lower levels of the glycoprotein fel d 1, a known allergen, than other cat breeds. In each case there are several specific traits that define the breeds outside of coloration and they are not recognized as true purebred without papers. The russian blue is a long and slim cat with its triangular shape.

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