British Cat Chocolate

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British Cat Chocolate. It is unlikely that you will find one in a shelter or through a rescue group, but it doesn’t hurt to look. This breed has become the inspiration for the magical cheshire cat in alice of wonderland.

Chocolate British Shorthair Cat Stock Image Image of
Chocolate British Shorthair Cat Stock Image Image of from

Beautiful british shorthair kittens, ready for new home. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of chrome or safari. Candy is a lovely girl and the colour of dark chocolate.

This Gene Reduces The Pigment In The Fur So The Chocolate Ends Up Looking Lilac.

The black gene has mutated over the years. Adopting a cat from british shorthair rescue or a shelter. This color is actually a chocolate cat with the dilution gene.

All British Shorthair Cats Are Either Red Or Black.

Hello and welcome to klairity kittens, gccf assured breeders and lovers of quality british shorthair cats. We specialise in breeding british shorthair & british longhair cats, we breed the delightful shimmer of shaded, chinchilla tipping & ticked kittens in a beautiful range of specialised colours. Sometimes pedigreed cats end up at the shelter after losing their home to an owner’s death, divorce or change in economic situation.

From Candy We Have Bred Chocolate Kittens.

According to cat time, the british shorthair is the 12th most popular feline pet in the united states.if you fancy an embodiment of a victorian caricature and the romanticized obesity that goes with it, examine how much you. Some of my breeding girls are carriers of the long haired gene, so inevitably i am likely to have the much sought after british longhair, also known as variant or affectionately called ‘fluffies’. These are stereotypical ‘chocolate box’ kittens and simply adorable.

The British Shorthair Is The Pedigreed Version Of The Traditional British Domestic Cat, With A Distinctively Stocky Body, Dense Coat, And Broad Face.

British longhair, highlander, lowlander (felis silvestris f. Catus), four years old british shorthair cat in colour lilac tortie white sitting together with a three years old british longhair cat in chocolate tortie in a meadow We have bred quite a lot of lilac british shorthair kittens as one of our.

Parents Have All Paperwork And Pedigree.

My sole aim is to breed strong, healthy, affectionate kittens. Chocolate sponge cake, buttercream and shell; They will transmit this chocolate variant to 50% of their offspring.

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