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Ocicat Pictures. The ocicat is one of those happy accidents that sometimes occur in cat breeding. See more ideas about ocicat, breeds, cat breeds.

Ocicat Info, Personality, Kittens, Pictures
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12 ocicat colors & patterns (with pictures) christian adams. Afp photo / michal cizek. The cfa says that the cat is an agouti spotted cat of moderate type.

The Ocicat Is An Outgoing And Affectionate Breed, And They Like Plenty Of Interaction With Their Families.

See more ideas about ocicat, breeds, cat breeds. The satin sheen shows off muscles and spots to their best advantage. The appearance of the resulting breed gave rise to the name ocicat.

The First Ocicat Was Produced As A Happy Accident In The Early 1960S By Breeder Virginia Daly Who Was Was Trying To Breed A Siamese Cat With Abyssinian Colored.

The ocicat was created through crosses between siamese, abyssinian and american shorthair cats. The ocicat were named after the ocelot wildcat that is found from southwestern texas south to northern argentina. Keep your ocicat active to prevent common health problems, especially obesity.

2048X1536 Ocicat Kitten Photo And Wallpaper Beautiful Ocicat Kitten Pictures.

The ocicat might look like a wild cat, but in personality, they’re anything but! The ocicat has been bred specifically to look like a wild cat with its fabulous spotted sleek coat, rippling muscles, strong body and good solid build. 1920×1440 ocicat white hair lying ocicat cat hd widescreen wallpapers.

8 Photos Above Courtesy Of Ocivalley Ocicat.

He might be named after the ocelot, a small south american wild felid, but he’s all domestic cat. Bred in the usa in the 1960s, the ocicat may appear to be wild but was bred from abyssinian and siamese domestic cats. A dream cat for pet lovers, the ocicat is active and playful.

The Ocicat, However, Does Not Have Any Ocelot Blood In Them.they Are Entirely Domestic Bred.

The ocicat is a striking spotted cat that might look like it was bred from a wild cat but is very much a domestic, loving cat that makes a wonderful pet. At between $22,000 and $28,000, you do get an amazing looking cat! See more ideas about ocicat, cats and kittens, cats.

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