Turkish Van Cat Blue Eyes

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Turkish Van Cat Blue Eyes. Internationally famous blue and yellow eyed turkish van cat stock photo download image now istock. One blue and one amber).

Cat Breed Profile Turkish Van Petful
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It’s quite affectionate and friendly and does best in a home where it will have company for much of the day. While most turkish vans have either gold or blue eyes, there are many cats in this breed that possess odd eye color patterns. She may have two blue eyes, two amber eyes, or one of each, a trait not uncommon with this breed.

Turkish Vans Are Not Solid.

White turkish van cat with gray eyes. Its short ears, long coat, long tail, and large stature are its telltale features. This cat often has a glistening white coat and a long body.

She May Have Two Blue Eyes, Two Amber Eyes, Or One Of Each, A Trait Not Uncommon With This Breed.

Cat breed turkish van image photo free trial bigstock. Turkish van cat with long silky fur. Turkish vans originated from, you guessed it, turkey!

Internationally Famous Blue And Yellow Eyed Turkish Van Cat Stock Photo Download Image Now Istock.

This cat comes from a naturally occurring breed that originated in turkey. Other contributing factors cause one or even two blue eyes cats which are explained below. As of late, some vans have developed green eyes, though the green shade is not rated highly with breed associations.

Breeds That Have Blue Eyes Include Siamese, Ragdoll, Birman, Snowshoe, Tonkinese, Balinese, Thai Cat, Javanese, Turkish Van, Himalayan, And Ojos Azules, And Ragdoll.

Are turkish vans deaf if they have blue eyes? White turkish van posing for photo. Turkish van cat with blue eyes.

The Breed Is Known For Its Unique, Distinctive Pattern;

Turkish van kittens are initially born with pale blue eyes, which change to a deeper blue or amber as they grow older. There are no turkish van cats with green eyes, but they can be amber, blue, or a mixture of both. Cross breed (persian and turkish van) white cat sitting with blue collar and looking with odd eyes a cat with one yellow and one blue eye lies in the living room, the background is blurred portrait of a small white tabby kitten with heterochromia eyes laying on a.

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