British Cat Blue

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British Cat Blue. The color of the iris of british kittens is gray or blue, but with aging it turns into saturated amber. This breed, in fact, comes in a wide variety of coat colors and patterns.

British Shorthair, Blue Female Kitten (8 weeks) British
British Shorthair, Blue Female Kitten (8 weeks) British from

Even his tail has a rounded tip. In 1970, acfa recognized the breed for championship in only one color—solid blue—and under the now obsolete name “british blue.” blue was, and still is,. He has a large round head, round eyes and rounded paws.

They Typically Have Extraordinarily Colored Eyes, In Such Shades As Blue, Gold, And Copper.

The british blue was recognized by the american cat association in 1967. The color of the iris of british kittens is gray or blue, but with aging it turns into saturated amber. We breed british shorthair and longhair cats of silver and golden shaded colors with green and blue eyes.

All Cat Associations Now Recognize The Breed.

Although most people think of them as being blue cats, they come in a number of colors and patterns. The british shorthair is an exceptionally large cat. In the late 1800s, british shorthairs appeared in england’s first official cat shows.

They Were Believed To Be First Brought To Britain From Rome To Help Control The Mouse And Rodent Population.

It is still considered one of. When people describe an animal as blue, they don’t mean a true blue, in fact, this classic british shorthair color is more of a addition to the coat, these monochrome cats should have blue noses and paw pads. Mature males avergae nine to seventeen pounds, and mature females average seven to twelve pounds.

Over Many Years, Their Population Began To Decline.

When many people picture a british shorthair, the image that springs to mind is the classic british blue: British shorthairs used to be called british blues for the silvery gray coat that’s common among the breed. The eye color of blue british cats can be copper, bright golden, amber (orange).

Tipping The Scale At Up To 17 Pounds In Weight, These Cats Come In A Variety Of Different Colors, Including Blue, White, Black, Red, Brown, Cream, Silver, Smoke, And Shaded.

Our british shorthair kittens for sale are not demanding pets. They are not sisters but have lived together with the same family since they were 12 weeks old, they are now 6 years. The coat should be a solid (monochrome) color;

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