Ragdoll Cat History

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Ragdoll Cat History. Baker bred a white angora persian type cat queen, josephine, who had a himalayan coat pattern (siamese) to beautiful longhaired burmese sire and birman sire males. The ragdoll is a cat breed with a color point coat and blue eyes.

The Beautiful Ragdoll Cat History They Are Actually Ann
The Beautiful Ragdoll Cat History They Are Actually Ann from wingsbirdpro.com

The ragdoll cat breed got its start in riverside, california during the 1960s. Others claim that josephine was a feral cat who lived in a colony belonging to her neighbours, the pennels. There is no agreement about their exact origins.

The First Cat Association To Recognize The Ragdoll As A Breed Was The Ncfa And Ann Baker Registered Her First Four Ragdolls On December 30, 1966.

Ragdoll cat history and origins. Ragdolls was “created” as the breed by the registered persian cat breeder ann baker in california, united states during the 1960s. The breed was first developed in the 1960s as an american domestic cat named “feline rag.”

Credit Ann Baker, A Persian Feline Raiser From Riverside, California For Fostering The Ragdoll During The 1960S.

Ann bred josephine, a domestic longhaired white female that was found running loose in her neighborhood, to other cats she owned or found. The history of the ragdoll cat begins in the 1960s with a white persian/angora type cat by the name of josephine (pictured below). The ragdolls were originated by ann baker (pictured on the right), a breeder in riverside, california.

The Ragdoll Cat Is Best Known For It's Docile And Placid Temperament And Affectionate Nature.

The rather beautiful ragdoll is the second most popular breed registered with the governing council of the cat fancy (gccf) and ranks even higher with owners! She trademarked the name “ragdoll,” set up her own registry—international ragdoll cat association (irca)—and enforced stringent standards on anyone who wanted to breed or sell cats under that name. The ragdolls were also not allowed to be registered in other breed associations.

Ragdolls Were Developed By American Breeder Ann Baker In The 1960S.

The breed allegedly began when a white angora persian cat named josephine was hurt in a car accident this event was attributed to the reason that josephines kittens were The ragdoll is a fairly new cat breed. Breeder ann baker had a friendly white domestic longhair cat named josephine, who had a reputation for giving birth to kittens with extraordinarily amiable personalities.

Blackie (Persian Type) Who Ann Baker Used To Mate With Her Black Persians.

Ann baker was a breeder of persians, her neighbour mrs pennels owned a cat called. Ragdoll history, the ragdoll establishment was slow in approximately 1965. They were breed under the cattery name “raggedy ann”.

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